Case Study

Digital Engagement Powered by AI for the Auto Industry

Read our case study to learn how Innovya used AI, and Analytics to put the automotive retail division of a large conglomerate on the path to success.


Digital Engineering Services, Innovya Connect, Analytics, and AI


Retail, and Consumer Packaged Goods

The Challenge

Digital Engagement Transforms Automotive Conglomerate Effortlessly

One of the largest corporations in the world, our UAE client represents well-known international brands in the automotive, retail, real estate, financial, and healthcare industries.

After modernizing their outdated infrastructure using cloud-enabled infrastructure transformation for data democratization, aligning their systems with cutting-edge technology, and automating their operations, they used customer interactions across all channels to delight their customers.

They sought to begin the transition of eight brands, including Lexus and Toyota, into customer-centric businesses in their automotive retail space. The turning point for this transition was the “engagement centre,” which was its point of contact with all clients.

To assure the satisfaction of both customers, and the company, they required a strategic, focal point where they could gather insights on what could be used to produce actionable results.

The Outcome

Empowering Agents to Deliver Customer Delight Across All Channels

Innovya Analytics developed an insight-driven, end-to-end customer centric approach utilising AI technologies in collaboration with our Digital Engineering Services team. It needed to be quick. also adaptable. The customer lifecycle was affected by the digital revolution, which started with new customer acquisition and better KPIs into client retention, driving loyalty through repeat transactions in auto repair, replacement parts, and body shops. The route was paved by two ideas.


AI Powered Digital Engagement

To digitalize client engagement, Innovya implemented a Conversational AI enabled chatbot along with its Omni-Channel Interaction platform, Innovya Connect, and intent driven AI powered search platform, Cognitive Knowledge Engine (CKE).

While Innovya Connect automatically routed customers to live agents at the engagement centre based on their interaction with the AI chatbot, CKE provided knowledge management services for the agents, reducing issue resolution time and thereby improving customer satisfaction. The platform used NLP algorithms to determine the cause for the interaction and developed relevant conversations that flowed easily, such arranging a car service or finding out how many kilometres were remaining on a lease.

For the agents working on a specific customer profile, we developed an interactive unified desktop with customer 360-degree visualization that served as a single source of truth.

AI Enabled Personalization

To establish lead score (which improves client acquisition/sales) and retention (which encourages repeat purchases and loyalty), we used advanced predictive analytics. We created customer personas for each of the 5 categories after using customer segmentation methodologies to analyse the ratings. As a result, the Next Best Action (NBA) and customized tactics for each customer’s interactions at the engagement centre were made available to the agents.

Together, these factors made for greater user adoption and allowed the organization to achieve quick successes, demonstrating the success of this transition.

Single Source of Truth with Datacenter on Cloud

10% improvement

in Average Handle Time with Self-Service for Agents

5% improvement

in Customer Satisfaction with Hyper-personalized Experience